The best investment you’ll ever make.

Firstly, apologies for the silence. I’ve moved country and been adjusting to a new life back in the UK. My thoughts on change, journeys and pathways coming soon. But for now a few thoughts on something that’s struck me since being back. Financial advice for the heart.
Life is a constantly changing, undulating rollercoaster ride. It’s all relative, whether we’re going from fitness craze to veganism, IPlayer to Netflix series, long distance to eloping, employed to retired or just the constant climatic change the world faces. Of late I’ve been throwing myself from job to job and location to location. This has made me insanely grateful for ‘constants’.
As Madonna once said ‘We are living in a material world’…
We live in an ever increasing materialistic world with beauty and fashion hugely influencing social media and celebrity. We want the things. We want Molly Mae buns. Kardashian highlighters. And the newest IPhone XR2.7. I think this is totally normal, and I’m pro treat yourself, a lot of my online purchases stem from instagram. As we get older we then face the next hurdle of investing our money. From cars to property. I recently became a car owner and felt enormously proud of myself, being able to buy my small but mighty Volkswagen UP! was a big deal.
This is all well and good. I definitely feel I’m chugging along in the long and winding marathon of adulthood. But these ‘things’ don’t love you back. They won’t sit with you at 4am mid mental breakdown. Help make the big decisions or celebrate your wins. Hug you post break up. Mum, Sauvignon Blanc and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again will do that. The thing with ‘things’ is that they’re interchangeable and replaceable. Even our iPhones only last 24 months before we’re calling for an upgrade. Your new Fiat and BoConcept sofa are fabulous but lonely sprints. I want to talk about the people passing us the batons in the relays.
Some people are change junkies. I get it, the adrenaline rush and excitement of new beginnings and reinventing ourselves. Trying new things literally releases dopamine (the happy hormone) in our brains and can make life seem longer. Being swept up in the now is wonderful and often makes us behave like our absolute best selves. Changing job, travelling or moving sparks passion and spontaneity. For me it’s giving my dream a go. I however am also a ‘constant’ junkie. Whether it be Bourbon biscuits, bowling or best friends. I’m addicted to 3am voice notes and celebrating small victories, checking in with people and wine dates, planned or spontaneous. My dearest Ellie and I actually congratulate each other daily. Honour your constants, life is meant to be shared. Your circle of loved ones influence your life hugely, and I believe the more you put in the more you get out. Like watering your pot plants or putting money in a savings account. Love people. Be loved back.
Unconditional love is a thing. If you’re lucky enough to have bonds that don’t desperately need daily or weekly check ins you’re onto a winner. These are your unconditionals. They’ve probably seen you spewing tequila out your nose into a Lidl bag or eating raw pasta for dinner. Just me? The heart just goes on. So I don’t check in because I have to, I do it because I want to. They’re oak trees. Hardy as hell but a little sun and rain doesn’t go a miss.
As I get older I don’t know what could be more rewarding than looking back at the lives I’ve touched and the people that have touched mine. Make effort. FaceTime for the extra hour. And hug when you say goodbye. Remind them how amazing they are. Tell people you love them. What have you got to lose?
It’s been a bit of a soppy one, but I’ve moved back to the same country as all of my constants and I’ve caught the love bug. Sarcastic me is rolling my eyes slightly but I’m not saying buy your mate 12 red roses, just ask someone how their day was. Send a slice of cake in the post. Again, thank you Els.
That’s my financial advice for the heart. Just my personal musings. But I honestly think it’s the best investment I’ll ever make.

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