May we Live in Interesting Times.

Hello, from a distance. Sorry it’s been a while. And what a while it’s been. So far this year has mostly left me lost for words and also selfish (the good kind). Never has there been a more potent time to find what makes us tick, how we learn and how our bodies cope with change. It’s been pretty revolutionary. I’m a performer. Like most within the arts I’ve felt a little lost. And like most within the arts I’ve grabbed a new bull by both horns. Here are some of my latest reflections on 2020, coping with adversity and re routing our journeys.

As I sat outside a coffee shop in Bellagio at the end of September, safely sipping a cappuccino, watching passers by I wondered. However much has changed and is still changing this year. And the loss that is so palpable. It really hasn’t stopped us. At this point keeping on going is still moving forward and we deserve to recognise that and it’s power. I saw in front of me the sense of hope and love that still floods the streets. Folk politely dodging one another and smiling through wrinkled eyes and covered mouths. That’s not awkward and annoying, that’s caring for one another. Complete strangers caring for each other. We can’t save this world alone.

So many industries have suffered this year but my heart remains a little broken and loyal to my own. I and so many of my loved ones have completely changed career paths. Not because we knew we wanted to. But because we thought we had to. I, like many receiving no financial support whatsoever. So I decided to become a Pilates teacher (in training) something that’s been in my goals pipeline for a while and have now been given the time and mental space to do it. Look out world, I hope to be qualified and lengthening your spines soon. With this I’ve found employment with that same business. I’ve been lucky to find something I love and to be meeting some fantastic and fascinating people on the ride. I feel inspired, part of something and hope to progress within a completely different industry. That’s just one of my personal new pathways. It’s ok to pursue things to make us happy, feel safe and provide us with money. In fact it’s essential. Don’t get me wrong I’d also really love to put my suspenders back on and perform to hundreds each night around the UK again. Please support the arts, artists and all creativity. We need that escapism more than ever. The thought of seeing and being live entertainment one day fills me with so much life and hope. But we have to make the most of what we can, when we can. Some days I can’t believe the avenue I’m on. But goodness I’m glad I’m on one. No road is forever. But we’ve got a while on this journey so we should probably try a few. Google tells me there are 64,285,009 to choose from….

There is no one way to go about a global pandemic. We’ve all navigated best we can. And the sat nav is back on, as it looks like we’re in for a bumpy winter. But we keep going. We’ve looked after ourselves in isolation and now moving into this ever-changing new phase of life. We’ve put ourselves first allowing us to give more. You literally cannot pour from an empty cup. And even though we’ve missed things, new jobs, old jobs, baby bumps, children starting school, graduations, family celebrations, holidays, losses, wanting to care for someone too far away. We’ve been there in spirit. With so much spirit. If anything it’s made us all work a little harder to show love. Did you know you can send cocktails & granola direct to someone’s door?!

I hope you and your loved ones are all well, you find reasons to smile and you’re taking each day as it comes. Don’t be afraid to get a little lost. It’s when we’re lost that we often find light.

My rule of 6…

We don’t know anyone else’s story.
Support artists.
Check in with those you are loving from a distance.
Be the good kind of selfish.
Wear a mask.
& be brave.

Top tip : Brush up on your general knowledge. I think a few more Zoom pub quizzes over winter are inevitable.


5 thoughts on “May we Live in Interesting Times.

  1. Hi LO. Excellent stuff as usual. Where has PW been? But good to have it back. You may find creativity on the tube a little harder than on HS1, but I’m sure you’ll manage. Only one unnecessary apostrophe spotted by the (seemingly redundant) former proofing editor – before “power”. But all of it true to the brand and very motivational. Love Dad xxxxxx

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